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Gola Rainforest

Sierra Leone

70 2017

Dandelion Chocolate

The cocoa beans for this bar were first received from the Gola Rainforest Project, an initiative that cultivates cacao while maintaining and sustaining the tropical rainforest. Mari was fascinated by the herbal and spiced flavors found in these beans. We taste notes of black tea, cinnamon, and roasted walnuts.

With the same beans, same machines, same process, same company, and same philosophy, we’ve found that the chocolate our partners make in Japan can be different from the bars we make in San Francisco. Our chocolate makers like to calibrate our roast profiles to the local palate, and we’ve found that the Japanese team tends to like more fermented, roasted, and certain bitter flavors more often than we do in San Francisco. We are always fascinated by how much culture can influence the palate.

How did we get to Japan? Well, it’s a long story. We launched Dandelion Chocolate Japan in collaboration with Seiji Horibuchi in 2016. Seiji frequented our San Francisco café and we developed an immediate rapport over our shared love of chocolate. Seiji has an eye for detail, endless energy, and we loved our conversations together. He proposed a Japanese Dandelion Chocolate factory in Kuramae, old Tokyo—an area known for tucked-away artisan workshops and a craft culture. Our Kuramae factory makes several bars each year.

Two ounces (56g)

Learn more about our cocoa beans and sugar - the region, the farms, and the producers.

All of our single-origin chocolate is made with just cocoa beans and sugar; no added cocoa butter, lecithin, or vanilla. Our chocolate is free of soy, dairy, eggs, and gluten, and it is made in a factory that does not process nuts.