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Two-Ingredient Peanut Butter Cup

Dandelion Chocolate

Todd had a vision that he simply could not shake. He wanted a tiny, bite-sized chocolate peanut butter cup made from just two ingredients: cocoa beans and peanuts. “Can we add salt?” we asked. “No salt,” he said. “Can we add sugar?” “No, no sugar,” he replied. Two ingredients, and two ingredients only: the same whole roasted Camino Verde, Ecuador cocoa beans that we source for our 100% chocolate bars, and roasted Valencia peanuts, a naturally sweet, full-flavored nut. There is no purer expression of a peanut butter cup.

Ingredients: peanuts, cocoa beans

Net weight: .7 OUNCES / 19 GRAMS

Contains: peanuts
Made in a facility that processes coconut, dairy, soy, tree nuts, and wheat