Price $10.00 per guest

Tree-to-Bar Chocolate Tasting

Beginner • 15 minutes

Take a guided 15-minute taste-driven journey through the making of craft chocolate from cacao pod to finished bar. Our knowledgeable chocolate team will give you an introduction to how cacao is grown, and how cacao beans are harvested and fermented at their source. We'll then track the cocoa bean's journey to our factories, where beans are sorted, roasted, cracked, refined, and tempered. Learning about chocolate is great, but tasting it is even better! To drive home the learning, there will be tastes along the way of fresh cacao pulp, roasted nibs, warm chocolate on a spoon straight from the melanger, and, of course, squares of our finished, tempered, single-origin 70% chocolate bars. This quick introduction is ideal for curious chocolate lovers of all ages and skill levels. Reservations are required.

Location 787 S Alameda St #120, Los Angeles, CA 90021
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