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Todd's Picks: Easy Eating vs. Aggressively Interesting Bars

Todd is our founder, lead chocolate eater, vegetable avoider, and head taster. He says:

"Sometimes I like a chocolate bar that’s just straightforward chocolatey. Other times I like a bar that’s a bit more aggressive and polarizing. This collection represents both worlds. I can eat the Mantuano and Wampu on the go for a little bit of lift--just break off some squares after lunch and then pass it along: just super nostalgic, good, rich chocolate. The others are surprising examples that challenge the notion of what chocolate can be. Belize and Madagascar are consistently and aggressively interesting."

Todd's Easy Eating vs. Aggressively Interesting Four-Bar Set includes:

  • Mantuano, Venezuela 2016: "It’s a bummer that we won’t be able to make any more Venezuela bars because this is a great starting point for rich, dark chocolate. We had spent years working on a relationship with the Mantuano (all female) co-op, but sadly, due to the political situation in Venezuela, this is the last of it. Enjoy it while you still can."

  • Tumaco, Colombia 2017: "The first time we tried to get beans from Colombia, they were blocked by the FARC rebels and never made it out of the country. Years later, we finally were able to get a Colombian bar on the shelf and it was worth the wait. Just super creamy and lightly reminiscent of hot cocoa with whipped cream."

  • Ambanja, Madagascar 2016: "Crazy fruity and unexpected, there’s a lot of tangy flavors here. Whenever I share this bar, people ask how we added the fruit, which makes me smile as this is just a two-ingredient bar."

  • Maya Mountain, Belize 2016: "A longtime favorite, this one has always been fruity, but I feel like the last few harvests have gotten even more aggressive and strong. This now rivals the punch of our Madagascar bar, but with completely different notes."

Each Staff Pick collection contains four two-ounce Dandelion Chocolate single-origin chocolate bars tied in a gift-ready bow.