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Online 102: Ingredients

Dandelion Chocolate

This set accompanies our Online 102: Ingredients class, to teach you about chocolate ingredients and labeling, and help you understand any chocolate you encounter. 

This set includes the following three tasting flights:

  • Three origins of our chocolate chips
  • Seven ingredients commonly found in chocolate bars
  • Five chocolate samples (made by other makers)
  • Allergen guide
  • Setup guide
  • Reference guide

Some samples from the ingredients and types-of-chocolate flights are or contain SOY or DAIRY allergens. For specific ingredients and allergen information, please contact us.

Your purchase confirmation email contains instructions to sign up for our Online 102: Ingredients class, in which one of our chocolate educators guides you through the flights with explanations of Dandelion’s two-ingredient, single-origin chocolate before walking the group through ingredients used by other makers. Once you have a sense of all of these ingredients, the group works together to guess ingredients from a few bars that Dandelion did not make, to learn how ingredients taste in context. 

Our 60-minute class is hosted on Zoom video-conferencing software. Each set contains an adequate portion for one or two guests to share.   

If you are interested in a private group event, please contact us at