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Single-Origin Truffle Collection

Dandelion Chocolate

Our Head Chocolatier Annie and Confections Sous Chef Ashley had a bean-to-bonbon vision. After months of experimenting, they've perfected this 15-piece assortment of creamy, velvety, single-origin truffles, the first offering in Dandelion's new confections collection.

Featuring five of our most chocolatey, nutty, buttery, and fruity cocoa origins, these truffles allow you to experience the full spectrum of flavors that may be found in our chocolate. The addition of a few carefully chosen ingredients enhances the characteristic flavor notes of each origin, while the simple square shape, pure ganache, and thin shell keep the focus on the chocolate itself.

These elegant chocolates are accompanied by an illustrated tasting guide with notes on the origins, and their unique design incorporates the gold patterns used on our bar wrappers to differentiate each origin. All our custom patterns are designed by Dandelion team members.

Featured in this collection:

Gola Rainforest, Sierra Leone - 2017 Harvest
Tasting notes: chocolate cake batter, toasted marshmallow, black coffee

Costa Esmeraldas, Ecuador - 2018 Harvest
Tasting notes: heavy cream, fresh banana, molasses, fudge

Hacienda Azul, Costa Rica - 2018 Harvest
Tasting notes: dark caramel, brownies, roasted nuts

Maya Mountain, Belize - 2018 Harvest
Tasting notes: sweet strawberry, honey, milk chocolate

Ambanja, Madagascar - 2017 Harvest
Tasting notes: tart berries, grapefruit, yogurt

We hope you’ll enjoy our new tasting adventure! 

Learn more about our cocoa beans and sugar – the region, the farms, and the producers.

180 g | 6.4 oz

Ingredients: 70% Dandelion chocolate (cocoa beans, organic cane sugar), heavy cream, glucose, cocoa butter (from Camino Verde, Ecuador)

Contains: milk

Made in a facility that also processes peanuts, tree nuts, and wheat.