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Single-Origin Truffle Collection

Dandelion Chocolate

Our small-but-mighty confections team had a bean-to-bonbon vision. After months of experimenting, they perfected a 15-piece assortment of creamy, velvety, single-origin truffles, the first offering in Dandelion's new confections collection.

Featuring five of our most chocolatey, nutty, buttery, and fruity cocoa origins, these truffles allow you to experience the full spectrum of flavors that may be found in our chocolate. The addition of only a few carefully chosen ingredients enhances the characteristic flavor notes of each origin, while the simple square shape, pure ganache, and thin shell keep the focus on the chocolate itself.

These elegant chocolates are accompanied by an illustrated tasting guide with notes on each origin, and their unique design incorporates the gold patterns used on our bar wrappers to differentiate origins. All our custom patterns are designed by Dandelion team members.

Included in This Collection

Tumaco, Colombia - 2017 Harvest
Chocolate bar tasting notes: chocolate ice cream, walnut brownies, wildflower honey
Confection tasting notes: coffee, malted chocolate ice cream

Costa Esmeraldas, Ecuador - 2018 Harvest
Chocolate bar tasting notes: fudge brownies, fresh milk, cherry
Confection tasting notes: heavy cream, fresh banana, molasses, fudge

Maya Mountain, Belize - 2018 Harvest
Chocolate bar tasting notes: strawberry milkshake, brown sugar, chocolate mousse
Confection tasting notes: sweet strawberry, honey, milk chocolate

Kokoa Kamili, Tanzania - 2017 Harvest
Chocolate bar tasting notes: honey, fresh pineapple, chocolate pudding
Confection tasting notes: tropical fruit, honey, hot fudge

Ambanja, Madagascar - 2018 Harvest
Chocolate bar tasting notes: pineapple, challah bread, vanilla custard
Confection tasting notes: dried fruit, yogurt, sourdough

Ingredients and Allergens
  • 70% Dandelion chocolate (cocoa beans, organic cane sugar), heavy cream, glucose, cocoa butter (from Camino Verde, Ecuador)
  • Contains: milk
  • Made in a facility that also processes eggs, milk, peanuts, tree nuts, and wheat.

6.4 oz (180 g)


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The Five Origins



tasting notes
chocolate malt, almond praline, and cream



tasting notes
fudge brownies, fresh milk, and cherry



tasting notes
European drinking chocolate and strawberry coulis



tasting notes
strawberry lemonade, sweet cream, and fudge



tasting notes
pineapple, challah bread, and vanilla custard

Behind the Scenes

How the confections team works their magic to create hand-crafted, single-origin truffles

Step 1: Making Ganache

Our first step is making the single-origin ganache that will fill each truffle. We heat cream and a little glucose to a boil, pour the warm liquid over the chocolate, and emulsify the mixture using an immersion blender until it's smooth and glossy. We let the ganache cool while completing the rest of the process.

Step 2: Casting

This step involves using tempered chocolate to coat the insides of the chocolate molds. Chocolate is poured into a mold and spread evenly in each cavity. We use a vibrating table to remove any air pockets, then remove excess chocolate and scrape the mold clean once the shell is the right thickness.

Step 3: Filling

Once all of the shells are cast, we fill each truffle with single-origin ganache that's been cooled to 30°C. We fill each truffle with just about 9 grams of ganache.

Step 4: Capping

After the shells are filled with ganache and the ganache has crystallized, or set, we seal them with a layer of chocolate. Tempered chocolate is spread over the top of the mold, a gold-patterned transfer sheet is adhered, and the excess chocolate underneath the transfer sheet is scraped off.

Step 5: Unmolding

The molds are then cooled in the refrigerator for 15 minutes. Once they are slightly chilled, we invert them onto a table, allowing the truffles to fall out of the mold.

Step 6: Boxing

The last step is boxing them. Each truffle is carefully placed in its origin's spot in the box and the box is sealed up and shipped to you!