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Taste of Summer Collection

Dandelion Chocolate

This Collection is limited to 500 sets per summer month, with approximately 100 sets released every few days (based upon what our team can produce in our small kitchen). If orders include other items, those items will also be shipped with the Collections. For any questions, please contact us at or (415) 349-0942.

Our first-ever summer collection conveys the warmth of the season in six vibrant bonbon flavors. Each member of our Confections team shared their dearest summer memories of camping trips, beach vacations, spending time with family, and discovering new fruits. Then together, they spent months playing with ideas and techniques, selecting the right ingredients, and crafting each recipe.

Ashley cold-smokes 70% House Blend chocolate ganache under a glass dome with fruitwood chips, then uses a blowtorch to char house-made marshmallow as it is whipped, capturing the essence of a toasted s'more in bonbon form. And Dillon, Paula, Ally, and Shelby source locally grown raspberries, strawberries, and plums from the farmers’ market and turn these fresh ingredients into pâtes de fruit and caramels. Crafted with our rich, classically chocolatey 70% House Blend chocolate — a balanced mix of several origins — these bonbons celebrate summer with six nostalgic flavors:

S’MORES: Toasted Vanilla Bean Marshmallow, Smoked 70% Ganache, Graham Praline
CREAMSICLE: Orange & Vanilla Bean Ganache
STRAWBERRY RHUBARB PIE: Strawberry Caramel, Rhubarb Pâte de Fruit
PLUM & HONEY PARFAIT: Plum Pâte de Fruit, Labneh Ganache, Honey Caramel
RASPBERRY PB&J: Raspberry Pâte de Fruit, Peanut Butter Praline
PIÑA COLADA: Pineapple & Coconut Ganache with White Rum and Lime Zest, Maraschino Cherry Pâte de Fruit

Ingredients:Dandelion 70% House Blend chocolate (cocoa beans, organic cane sugar), organic cane sugar, cocoa butter, glucose, raspberry purée, organic rhubarb purée, organic plum purée, organic strawberry purée, organic pineapple purée, whole-milk powder, yogurt powder, organic coconut-milk powder, organic peanuts, white rum, coconut cream, heavy cream, gelatin, vanilla-bean powder, butter, whole-milk Greek yogurt, honey, citric acid, invert sugar, pectin, orange oil, Maya Mountain, Belize cocoa nibs, gluten-free graham cracker (butter, brown sugar, brown-rice flour, sorghum flour, white-rice flour, tapioca starch, gluten-free oat bran, molasses, organic non-GMO honey, gluten-free natural flavors, baking soda, sea salt, grainless and aluminum-free baking powder, xanthan gum, cinnamon), Morello cherry puree, peanut oil, salt, organic lime, organic orange zest, cinnamon, pineapple extract Contains: milk, peanuts, tree nuts (coconut) Made in a facility that also processes peanuts and tree nuts. (hazelnuts, coconuts, pistachios).Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.NET WEIGHT:10.15 oz (288 g)24 Bonbons about our cocoa beans and sugar — the region, the farms, and the producers.