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Ritual Coffee

Dandelion Chocolate

In many ways, we and Ritual Coffee Roasters have grown up together; two SF producers carefully sourcing the best beans we can find and building real partnerships around the globe to make delicious things in small batches.

Together we now have a unique coffee and chocolate partnership focused on the origins from which Ritual sources coffee and we source cocoa. Ritual is roasting coffee beans to order just for us to serve in our cafés, and sourcing, roasting, and bagging beans only for sale in our shops.

We now bring you this offering as part of our SF Delivery Program, so that you can enjoy our pastries alongside a nice cup of coffee, brewed at the comfort of your home.

The Moreno family runs many farms in the hills to the south of El Cielito, but year after year, something keeps bringing us back to Evin’s coffees. He hand-picks his beans and this lot was carefully selected for its amazing cup quality. The combination of climate, perfect harvesting, and innovative processing made this offering far too good to mix in with the rest. In this Bourbon bean variety, look for flavors of gummi peach rings, strawberry and plum.