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Online 204: Make Your Own Truffles

Dandelion Chocolate

Join us for a hands-on virtual truffle-making class! Each truffle making kit contains three cocoa products to make truffles: large chocolate chips, ground chocolate, and cocoa nibs.

Our instructors will walk you through the process of how to make an easy dark chocolate truffle rolled in your choice of ground chocolate or cocoa nibs. During the class, we heat and melt chocolate, so a stove or microwave is required. You may use any dairy or dairy alternative you prefer: milk, cream, or oat, almond, or coconut milks. It's a little bit messy and a lot of fun.

This Set Includes

This kit contains ingredients to make approximately 50 nine-gram truffles, plus enough extra chocolate for a fun baking project or two.

  • 70% House Blend Large chocolate chips, 500 grams
  • 70% Camino Verde, Ecuador ground chocolate, 300 grams
  • Camino Verde, Ecuador cocoa nibs, 350 grams
  • Truffle tool
  • Truffle-making guide
  • Recipes for our Very Best Chocolate Chip Cookies and our House Hot Chocolate

Net Weight: 3.2 LBS

Technical Requirements

This 75-minute class is hosted on Zoom video-conferencing software.

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"After hours of testing (and tasting), we found this perfect chocolate and nib combination for homemade truffles. We hope that our many, many experiments mean that you’ll have the perfect truffle recipe to make at home."

-Janelle, Chocolate Educator

70% House Blend
Large Chocolate Chips

Our House Blend Large Chips are a balanced mix of several distinctive origins we're currently crafting in our factory. Always rich and chocolatey, every batch features deliciously distinctive tasting notes, and pairs well with a variety of milks, including oat and almond milk.

70% Camino Verde
Ground Chocolate

Camino Verde, Ecuador ground chocolate is sweetly mellow, with notes of orange blossom honey, roasted almonds, and fudge. Blended with the House chips, it forms a rich ganache that may be enjoyed plain or dressed up with crunchy nibs, more melt-on-the-tongue ground chocolate, or your other favorite coatings.

Camino Verde
Cocoa Nibs

These roasty, nutty cocoa nibs from Camino Verde, Ecuador complement the classically chocolatey notes of the chips and ground chocolate, and enhance the smooth texture of ganache.


102: Ingredients

Learn about chocolate ingredients and labeling, and understand what to expect from any chocolate you encounter.

103: Tasting

A short introduction to tasting chocolate—the techniques, the flavors, and the vocabulary to describe what you find, from wherever you want to learn.

Origin Stories

One origin with six chocolate bars from six chocolate makers, plus an online talk with the cocoa producer and chocolate makers.

Interactive Virtual Tour

Join us for a live walk-though of our factory and learn about our chocolate-making process.