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Lemon Verbena Chocolate Chiffon Roulade

Dandelion Chocolate

Our rich yet delicate roulade is an elevated take on a nostalgic Swiss jelly roll, reimagined by our Executive Pastry Chef Lisa Vega. This petite nine-inch cake features a swirl of tender cocoa-nib-studded chiffon layered around fluffy Camino Verde chocolate mousse infused with lightly tangy and herbaceous lemon verbena. Complementing the creamy mousse is our house-made raspberry jelly, tucked into the very center for a sweet surprise. The cake is finished with a delightfully crunchy cocoa nib chocolate shell. Perfect for an afternoon treat or a small special occasion, this chiffon roll marries the enchantment of childhood with the sophistication of single-origin chocolate.

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Serves 8
Keep Refrigerated
Requires 48 hour notice

Ingredients & allergens

Nibby Chiffon: AP flour, sugar, eggs, coconut milk, vegetable oil, cocoa nibs, baking powder, salt
Mousse: lemon verbena, cream, chocolate, eggs, sugar
Jam: raspberry, sugar, gelatin
Glaze: chocolate, coconut oil, cocoa butter, cocoa nibs
Contains: milk, eggs, wheat, tree nuts (coconut)

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