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Hot Chocolate Mix

Our hot chocolate mix has been years in the making. We’ve always craved hot chocolate drinks that are thick, rich, and profoundly chocolatey. One of the reasons we launched a chocolate factory in San Francisco was to offer the perfect hot chocolatey antidote to a city with over one hundred days of fog.

A few years ago, Remy Labesque, a very talented industrial designer, attended our Chocolate 101 class and asked if there were opportunities to collaborate together. Over many months, he developed the concept for these corked bottles and oversaw their production in Japan. We love how they look in our kitchen and hope that the bottles will be a functional, beautiful object with many future uses.

Inside each bottle is the ground chocolate base made from the 70% Camino Verde, Ecuador single-origin chocolate we use for our house hot chocolate drinks, and, of course, a basic recipe for the home hot chocolate enthusiast. We also share our kitchen team’s recipes for flavored hot chocolates in our book, Making Chocolate: From Bean to Bar to S’moreMakes 4 servings.

5.5 oz./160 grams

This hot chocolate mix won a Silver in the 2019 Academy of Chocolate Awards.

Our cafés serve our hot chocolate in the Sueki Ceramics Long Cup on top of the Sueki Ceramics Dark Gray Plate.