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Chef's Chocolate

Kokoa Kamili


70 2016

Dandelion Chocolate

Ground Chocolate is not cocoa powder. It is chocolate made of nothing but cocoa beans and sugar ground into a coarse powder for easy and fast melting in the kitchen or in the cafe. We love using it in our pastry kitchen because it melts more evenly and quickly than a chopped chocolate bar. 

Unlike our bars, the chocolate is not tempered, meaning it does not appear shiny. We make this chocolate with beans from Kokoa Kamil, a social enterprise in the Kilombero District of southern Tanzania. We find a balance of flavors here that reflect sweet pineapple, golden caramel, and chocolate.

NOTE: This package is relatively large and designed for chefs, chocolatiers, and large consumers of chocolate. It is the equivalent of approximately 50 ground bars of our chocolate.

6.6 pounds (3 kilos)

Learn more about our cocoa beans and sugar - the region, the farms, and the producers.

All of our single-origin chocolate is made with just cocoa beans and sugar; no added cocoa butter, lecithin, or vanilla. Our chocolate is free of soy, dairy, eggs, and gluten, and it is made in a factory that does not process nuts.