We've sold out of
Gâteau Basque Trios this year

Our individual 6-inch chocolate gâteau is still available or consider signing up for an email notification to be first on the list for future batches of our gâteau basque trios.  

We've sold out of
Gâteau Basque Trios

Our individual 6-inch chocolate gâteau is still available or consider signing up for an email notification to be first on the list for future releases of our gâteau basque trios.  

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A buttery, slightly crispy and slightly soft crust encases smooth pastry cream or jam, and the beautiful contrast of crumbly and creamy layers creates a truly unique pastry experience made even more special with single-origin chocolate. Our rich six-inch gâteau highlights one of our favorite origins: 70% Camino Verde.




Our house-made hot chocolate has been a café favorite since our earliest days, when we dreamed of concocting a perfect hot drink to ward off San Francisco’s perpetually foggy chill. This season we’ve created a beautifully boxed trio of flavorful hot chocolate mixes to whisk up at home with fresh milk, cream, or dairy alternative. Three delicious single-origin chocolate mixes are ready to taste, share, gift, and compare.  




With just cream and a tiny amount of cocoa butter, the characteristic flavors of each origin shine through. The simple square shape, pure ganache, and thin shell keep the focus on the single-origin chocolate. After months of experimenting, Annie and Ashley have perfected this velvety, creamy truffle, the first in our Dandelion confections collection.

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Gâteau Basque Trio

Dandelion Chocolate

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Update: All batches are now sold out. Please consider our individual chocolate gâteaux or sign up for an email notification for future batches next year.

Our unique trio of gâteaux highlights single-origin chocolate (70% Camino Verde, Ecuador, one of our pastry kitchen’s favorites) and also fruit of the cacao tree, which we’ve gently simmered into a tangy, lightly sweet jam. For each creamy, cacao-forward filling, we’ve perfected a complementary pastry crust, yielding three versions (chocolate, gingerbread, and cacao fruit) of bean-to-bar deliciousness.

Lisa will bake these trios from our 16th Street kitchen in limited batches, carefully packing them in reusable hatboxes made with our patterned papers so all three arrive stacked and tied with a green bow. We will ship these trios on three dates only. Please select your preferred date when preordering:

Batch 1 Batch 2 Batch 3
Ships Nov 2
sold out

Ships Nov 23
for Thanksgiving
sold out

Ships Dec 21
for Christmas Eve
sold out

The seasonal trio includes three flavors:

  • Chocolate: featuring a dark 70% Camino Verde, Ecuador chocolate crust and bittersweet chocolate pastry-cream filling
  • Cacao fruit: silky-smooth layers of cacao-fruit jam and vanilla-bean pastry cream, encased in a lightly chocolatey crust
  • Gingerbread: rich chocolate crust filled with 70% Camino Verde, Ecuador chocolate pastry cream infused with cinnamon, ginger, and other festive spices

also available as a single chocolate gâteau
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Three Flavors


Our single-origin chocolate gâteau highlights the classically fudgy notes of 70% Camino Verde, Ecuador chocolate, encasing velvety chocolate pastry cream in a decadent chocolate crust.


Rich with chocolate and warm holiday spices, this gâteau features smooth, spice-infused 70% Camino Verde, Ecuador chocolate pastry cream in a buttery Camino Verde, Ecuador chocolate crust.

Cacao Fruit

Sweet cacao-fruit pulp is gently simmered to create a delicate jam, then layered with silky vanilla-bean pastry cream and baked into a tender, light-chocolate crust.

A new favorite for the holidays

For months, Lisa Vega, our executive pastry chef, experimented with her unique spin on the classic Gâteau Basque. It’s buttery, slightly crispy, with a chocolate pastry crust and velvety Camino Verde chocolate filling. With a brownie-like crust and a fudgy middle, it defies categorization: it’s part pie, tart, and cookie.

These make for a special dessert course to share with the family, your pod, or a gift for someone you can’t be with this year. Each petite 6-inch cakes can remain at room temperature until serving and becomes even more decadent and flavorful after a few days. If you don’t plan on digging in immediately, we recommend placing them in the refrigerator until a couple of hours prior to serving.

These cakes are chocolate at its best, and as best-selling author and culinary expert, Dorie Greenspan, says:

"One of my all-time favorite cakes in my all-time favorite flavor. Lisa's Gateau Basque is soooo good."