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Gâteau au Chocolat for Mother's Day

Dandelion Chocolate Japan

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 For the second year in a row we are offering our gâteau au chocolat, made by our Japanese pastry team exclusively for Mother’s Day. Last year’s limited quantity of gâteaus, shipped directly from our Tokyo kitchen, sold out in less than 18 hours. We’re bringing back this memorable fan favorite, and believe these cakes couldn’t have arrived at a better time. With many of us unable to see our mothers in person this year, this special cake may be the perfect way to show a loved one you care. 

This fudgy, tangy, almost cheesecake-like confection is made from only four ingredients: cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, eggs, and unsalted butter. Made without flour (yes, this cake is gluten-free!), the delicate texture is achieved from a precise mixing technique and careful monitoring of the temperature of ingredients. Though these cakes are petite, a small piece goes a long way. When eaten cold, the texture is like soft cheese, while at room temperature the flavor of the chocolate becomes more intense. Warmed gently in the oven, it transforms into something akin to a souffle. We’ve never had anything quite like it.

The gâteau recipe comes from Mai, Pastry Chef and chocolate maker at our Kuramae location in Tokyo. For many years, she and her team have produced this miniature, rich gâteau for the holiday season—a dense yet delicate French confection. Renaissance woman that she is, Mai also developed the lemony, yogurty flavor profile for our 70% Anamalai, India chocolate bar, the very origin used in the gâteaus. Dandelion Chocolate Japan does their best to keep this cake on the shelves inside the Omotesando shop year-round, but each one takes so much time and care that they can only be made in limited quantities. 

To preserve its shape, each cake is wrapped in parchment paper and protected in a craftsman, reusable wooden box and shipped with ice packs during transit. Upon arrival, we recommend storing it in the refrigerator for up to a month. Order by Sunday, May 3rd at midnight and we’ll ship in time for Mother’s Day. Or, if you live in the Bay Area, schedule a no-contact pick-up at our 16th Street location. Shipping will begin on Monday, April 27th. As always, shipping is free.


*Made in a facility that processes dairy, tree nuts (almonds and hazelnuts), and wheat