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Chocolate Care Package

Dandelion Chocolate


It’s an unusual time and we sorely miss seeing our guests’ smiling faces at our factory and cafés. Yet behind the scenes, we’ve seen an outpouring of online chocolate care packages being sent to friends and loved ones across the world. It means so much to see everyone choosing to send chocolate to those they care about. For a limited time, we’ve taken the most popular selections from the past few weeks, and bundled them here to make it even easier to send a “thinking of you” package. Each package includes a hand-written notecard (customized by the sender for each recipient).


Ingredients & allergens
  • Feve Sea Salt Caramels: Dandelion Chocolate (cocoa beans from Camino Verde, Ecuador and organic sugar), sugar, heavy cream, butter, glucose, vanilla beans, sea salt, non-GMO soy lecithin
  • Hot Chocolate Mix: cocoa beans from Camino Verde, Ecuador and organic cane sugar
  • NeoCocoa Black Sesame Toffee Brittle: Dandelion Chocolate 70% Camino Verde, Ecuador chocolate (cocoa beans and organic cane sugar), brown sugar, butter, black sesame seeds, toasted sesame seeds, sea salt
  • Feve Chocolate-Covered Almonds: Camino Verde, Ecuador chocolate (cocoa beans and organic sugar), almonds, sugar, salt, soy lecithin (emulsifier), natural vanilla extract, cocoa butter, cocoa powder
  • Feve Sea Salt Caramels: 3 oz (85 g)
  • Hot Chocolate Mix: 5.5 oz (156 g)
  • NeoCocoa Black Sesame Toffee Brittle: 3 oz (85 g)
  • Feve Chocolate-Covered Almonds: 3 oz (85 g)
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Learn more about our cocoa beans and sugar – the region, the farms, and the producers.

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Made with Dandelion chocolate, each smooth, buttery caramel is a perfect balance of salty and sweet. Imagine specks of vanilla bean floating in rich caramel offset by delicate, minerally, unrefined fleur de sel (handpicked off the coast of Brittany, France). This delicacy is a collaboration with Shawn Williams of Feve, one of our favorite San Francisco chocolatiers.


We use our 70% Camino Verde, Ecuador single-origin chocolate as the rich base for our House Hot Chocolate mix. Each reusable corked bottle provides enough chocolate mix for four servings, though we’ve been known to sprinkle this on our oatmeal and ice cream, or put a spoonful in our coffee too. 


Christine Doerr and her small team are still producing one of our favorite chocolate confections during this time. The combination of black sesame, 70% Camino Verde chocolate from Ecuador, brown-sugar butter toffee, and a pinch of sea salt makes this one of our favorites.


Feve’s Chocolate-Covered Almonds have been a long-standing favorite since we opened our Valencia Street factory in 2010. Each dark-roasted, caramelized almond is layered with Dandelion chocolate – the perfect combination of salty and sweet, chocolate and almond.

Our Chocolate Philosophy

Bean to Bar in San Francisco

We’re Dandelion Chocolate, a bean-to-bar chocolate maker in San Francisco’s Mission District. For over 10 years, we’ve been turning cocoa beans and organic sugar into pure dark chocolate. We travel and build lasting relationships with cocoa farmers and producers, then craft small batches of chocolate back home in our factory. With our minimal approach, we aim to highlight different beans’ distinctive flavor notes—from classic fudge to tangy fruit.


Beans and sugar.
That's all.

Our chocolate bars are just two ingredients: cocoa beans and organic sugar. We never add cocoa butter, soy lecithin, vanilla, flavorings, or preservatives because those ingredients mask the inherent flavors in beans.


Good cocoa starts
with good relationships.

Good relationships are absolutely essential to procuring consistently good flavor. We work closely with the producers who grow, ferment, and dry the single-origin cocoa beans we source, so we can share this amazing cocoa.


Online classes. Doorstep shipping.
SF stores and local delivery.

We hope someday you'll join us at our San Francisco factory for a toasty s'more while watching chocolate makers craft beans into chocolate. In the meanwhile, we'll ship bars and truffles to your doorstep, host you for a virtual chocolate class, or answer (chocolate!) questions you might have via phone or email.