Price $20.00 per guest

Apprentices (Ages 3-6)

Beginner • 45 minutes
Class size 10 guests / class Sugar & Caffeine Low Sugar & Caffeine
For guests ages three to six and their caregivers, this class is designed to share a fun and educational visit to the chocolate factory through story. Explore the chocolate making process through Sweet Coco, a storybook by Jake Perez. We’ll follow along as she learns how chocolate is made, and our young guests will get to touch, smell, see, and taste chocolate as it is transformed from cocoa bean to finished treat. We will taste cacao fruit, a cacao bean, liquid chocolate, and bloomed and tempered chocolate while we learn about the making process. Then we’ll peek into our factory to watch our production team use the big machines.
Location 2600 16th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
Wheat, dairy, and desserts made in a facility that processes nuts.

Private Class
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