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Caitlin's Picks: Full-on Fruity Bonanza Chocolate Bars

Dandelion Chocolate

Caitlin is our director of production, a chocolate maker for over six years, and a huge fan of our fruitiest, tangiest, and most sour bars on the shelf. She says:

"I love tangy, fruit-forward chocolate. At nearly every tasting meeting, you can almost guarantee I’m rooting for the fruitiest iteration of any bar. Right now we have several fruity bars and it’s amazing to taste how differently the fruity flavors manifest in the different bars."

Caitlin's Full-on Fruity Bonanza Chocolate Bars Four-Bar Set includes:

  • Maya Mountain, Belize 2016: "I love the well-rounded fruity-meets-chocolatey flavor of this bar--it always make me think of strawberry preserves. I was lucky enough to visit Maya Mountain’s fermentary and amazing demonstration farm in Belize in 2015. When I eat this chocolate, I think of traipsing up a hillside of the farm admiring baby cacao trees."

  • Ambanja, Madagascar 2016: "The first time I tried a Madagascar bar, it redefined what chocolate could taste like and opened up a world of possibilities available to me as a chocolate maker. I love the sharp citrus bite that makes people wonder, is it really just beans and sugar?"

  • Kokoa Kamili, Tanzania 2016: "The bright tropical fruit notes of papaya and melon give way to a lovely chocolatey finish. This is a bar that I use to try to sway lovers of really chocolatey chocolate over to the fruity side."

  • Dandelion Chocolate Japan Maya Mountain, Belize 2017: "Ebi, one of our chocolate makers in Japan, developed the profile for the 2017 Maya Mountain harvest. It has a similar note of strawberries, but this time it expresses as strawberry milk with a cocoa powder finish."

Each Staff Pick collection contains four two-ounce Dandelion Chocolate single-origin chocolate bars tied in a gift-ready bow.