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For classes, team building, and more, one of our makers will come to your office or home to lead your group of 10-150+ through chocolate learning and appreciation.

Guided Talk, Tasting, & Demo (up to 25 guests)

We recommend this option for smaller groups, who would like a more guided event that the whole group experiences together. During this event, a Dandelion chocolate maker will come to your space and set up a bean-to-bar tasting experience and demonstration. We will taste, talk, and demo our way through cacao processing and chocolate production from the cacao farm to chocolate pastry. We’ll be there to answer all of the groups questions about our chocolate and chocolate in general while we explore samples of cacao fruit, whole roasted cocoa beans, liquid, unfinished chocolate grinding in a mini-melanger, three single origin chocolate bars, and brownies. Before we go we’ll give everyone a hot chocolate gift card to be used at our cafe! 

Size: up to 25 guests
Length: 1 hour
Pricing: $750 for up to 15 guests; $50 per person after 15 guests 

Guided Talk and Informal Tasting & Demo (25 - 45 guests)

We recommend this option for medium sized groups that would like some structured information as well as a chance to mingle and ask us questions at your own pace. During this event, we’ll start off the experience chatting with the whole group for about 10-15 minutes to give a quick overview of our chocolate production process. Guests will be able to taste the process with samples of cacao fruit, whole roasted cocoa beans, liquid, unfinished chocolate still grinding in our demo mini-melanger, and of course three of our single origin chocolate bars at our chocolate tasting and demo table. We’ll be there to answer everyone’s more in depth questions over an hour and a half period. 

Size: 25-45 guests
Length: 1.5 hours
Pricing: $1500 for up to 45 people 

Informal Tasting & Demo (50-150 or more guests)

We recommended this option for larger groups of 50+ people, or smaller groups in a more social, mingling environment. For this event, two Dandelions would come over to your space and set up a chocolate tasting and demo station, so guests could taste and learn about chocolate at their own leisure over an hour and a half time frame. With samples of three of our current single origin bars, we would be there to guide attendees through tastings while we discuss our bean-to-bar process and answer everyone’s questions. 

To help us share our production process with you outside of our factory, we would bring along whole roasted cocoa beans as well as a mini-melanger (the stone grinder we use to refine our chocolate). We’ll chat with groups about farms, flavor development, and how we make small batches of chocolate while attendees taste cocoa nibs and warm, liquid chocolate from the melanger. 

Size: up to 150 guests
Length: 1.5 hours
Pricing: up to 100 guests: $1100, 100-150 guests: $1500 
For more than 150 guests, please add a note in your inquiry.

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