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Pistachio Cherry Nib Nougat

Le Dix-Sept

Le Dix-Sept was created by SF Bay Area native Michelle Hernandez, whose creative pastries and nougats are inspired by her years of living and training in France. Her nougat is handmade with thoughtful ingredients, including quality organic honey, crisp nuts, plump fruits, and our 70% single-origin, small-batch chocolate and toasted cocoa nibs. 

Michelle makes custom cakes, tarts, cookies, and more to order, and we are big fans of her nougat. The nougat chocolat is available on our shelves year round, and she’s also contributed to our annual Advent calendar several times. This special nougat is studded with Christmas colors (green pistachios and red sour cherries suspended in a snow white nougat blanc) and it is only available through the holidays.

INGREDIENTS: sugar, organic honey, organic pistachios, Dandelion Chocolate Hacienda Azul, Costa Rica cocoa nibs, glucose, white chocolate (cocoa butter, whole milk powder, sugar, soy lecithin, natural vanilla extract), organic dried sour cherries (sour cherries, sunflower oil), organic cocoa butter, organic eggs, dried egg whites, salt, grapeseed oil


Contains: eggs, milk, soy, and tree nuts