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Black Sesame Toffee Brittle


Made with Dandelion chocolate, this dark, buttery and nutty toffee is an all-time staff favorite. We met Christine Doerr, founder of NeoCocoa, through La Cocina, a local non-profit incubator that helps women and people of color start and grow their food businesses. In 2017, we included Christine’s Black Sesame Toffee Brittle in our Advent calendar, and it was so delicious we bought extra to enjoy ourselves during the busy holiday season.

When the holidays were over, we knew we had to add NeoCocoa to our permanent collection of collaborators. The combination of black sesame, 70% Camino Verde chocolate from Ecuador, brown sugar, buttery toffee, and a pinch of sea salt makes this one of our go-to favorites. We’re thrilled to have NeoCocoa on our shelves so we can enjoy it year-round.


Ingredients & allergens

Dandelion Chocolate 70% Camino Verde, Ecuador (cocoa beans and organic cane sugar), brown sugar, butter, black sesame seeds, toasted sesame seeds, sea salt


3 oz (85 g)

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