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Mission Hot Chocolate Mix

Dandelion Chocolate

For years we’ve pondered how to describe the lively flavors of our Mission Hot Chocolate. On café menus, we often go with “foamy, spiced, and spicy” – which sounds funny, but is true! To make this hot chocolate mix, we blend our bright, fruity 70% Abanja, Madagascar chocolate with comforting cinnamon and allspice (“spiced”) and with pinches of cayenne pepper and pasilla chile, for a subtly “spicy” kick.

With the holidays and crisp weather around the corner, we're offering a packable, resealable pantry version of our Mission Hot Chocolate mix, so you can enjoy its vibrant chocolatiness in lots of ways. Whether you prefer dairy milk or an alternative, hot chocolate or cold, our Mission Hot Chocolate mix whisks up rich, creamy drinks with zip – perfect for dunking your favorite crispy cookies. Add coffee or espresso for a spiced mocha, or blend with ice for a refreshing treat. We always recommend adding marshmallows.

Ingredients: 70% Ambanja, Madagascar chocolate (cocoa beans, organic cane sugar), light brown sugar, allspice, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, pasilla chile

Makes approximately 12 servings.