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2020 Craft Chocolate Experience Bar Sets

Dandelion Chocolate

For us, chocolate has always been about relationships over products; it’s that magical dark brown ribbon that ties together passionate people from around the globe. This has been our mission since we began in a Palo Alto garage in the 2000s, and this is the spirit with which we curated and co-hosted the first annual 2020 Craft Chocolate Experience: San Francisco—an event that we co-hosted based on our great relationships in the industry, and the source of all of the hard-to-find bars from around the world in these collections. In a single square, you’re tasting producers, profile developers, and process. Peel back the gold foil and you can catch a glimpse of the soil, the sweat, the integrity, and the landscape of global craft chocolate. 

We know that not everyone who loves chocolate could attend this year’s event, and for many exhibitors, it was a rare or first-time, in-person chance to meet appreciators in the US. Just in case you missed it: this past March, we filled the historic Palace of Fine Arts in SF with 93 of our chocolate-making friends from 26 countries. We invited craftspeople we’ve known for years who understand what it means to get the most from every bean. Amid colorful labels and twinkling lights, you could join in conversations on micron size, sugaring time, bean sourcing, and of course, the “WOWs” and “OHs” of the experience of great flavor. Our hearts are still melting from this festival of thousands, which was a live, in-person moment to experience what chocolate community can be.

The event gave Kika and Elaine a great idea! They walked the floor and hand-picked as many bars as they could from the 14 small-batch overseas makers with limited or zero distribution here in the US. Meet ChocoCard Bean to Bear from Hungary, Fjåk Chocolate from Norway, Gaston Chocolat from Vanuatu, HERUFEK Chocolate from the Czech Republic, and more—all micro-brands you’d be hard-pressed to find here. For most of these bars, this collection is the only way to savor these chocolates in this country.

You have two ways to taste the festival; either with a 5-bar set or a 12-bar collection. Some bars are single-origin dark chocolate, and others are well-curated blends, milk chocolate, white chocolate, or dark milk. Some are expertly paired with nuts or chili or fruit, and some bars have inclusions that you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere (ever tried a nangae nut? It’s wonderful!). There’s also a special surprise gift for the first 80 orders!

We hope you understand, but due to limited quantities and the random, surprise nature of each collection, we cannot customize a set or accept returns or exchanges based on flavor preferences or allergies (but you should feel free to share these bars with a friend!). Each set is unique and each will contain a nice variety of chocolate from five or twelve different countries. Part of the fun is the element of surprise and the exploration of chocolate camaraderie from around the world.