Price $100.00 per guest

200: Bean to Bar

Intermediate • 3 hours
Class size 8 guests / class Hands-on Hands-on Sugar & Caffeine Sugar & Caffeine Medium Sugar & Caffeine

This hands-on chocolate making class will teach you how chocolate is made through demonstration and hands-on activities. We’ll start by learning about how cacao is grown, harvested, and fermented on the farm, including tasting fresh cacao fruit. From there we will learn how our team selects the best beans for making chocolate. Then we’ll sort the beans and roast them, and turn already-roasted beans into cocoa nibs. We’ll grind nibs in a mini-melanger to see how they turn into chocolate. Our teachers will demonstrate chocolate tempering, and each guest will mold and wrap their chocolate bars in foil and seal it in an envelope wrapper. Guests leave with a few tastes from class and three molded, packaged chocolate bars.

Location 2600 16th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
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