Flavor Picks

I’ve heard each of these bars categorized as “chocolatey” over my 7 years of working at Dandelion. I understand (and I imagine you will too as you taste through) where people are coming from when describing these bars as such. However, I encourage you to employ your curiosity and focus as you taste through the bars in this set and look for all of the ways that our understanding of chocolate can be broader and richer by embracing the complexity that chocolate has to offer! If you are newer to two-ingredient, single-origin chocolate this set may just be the best place to start on your journey! However, if you are feeling a bit more adventurous the second set I pulled together, “Bright and Expressive”, will definitely welcome you with some exciting options!

- Karen C, Flavor Manager

Rich & Complex

Order before 8/25 and we'll include an unreleased, Maya Mountain 85% bar with your shipment.

I pulled this set of our bars together to highlight how our cultural aromatic definition of what chocolate is can, in some instances, serve us well. While in other moments, if we are willing to keep an open mind, may just shift our understanding towards something more compelling and complex!

Includes: Hacienda Azul, Costa Rica - 70%, Wampu, Honduras - 70%, Gola Rainforest, Sierra Leon - 70%, Cahabon, Guatemala - 70%, Costa Esmeraldas, Ecuador - 70%


Bright & Expressive

Order before 8/25 and we'll include an unreleased, Maya Mountain 85% bar with your shipment.

I pulled this set together to showcase the way acidity plays into our final perception of a chocolate bar. While there are fruit call-outs in all of these bars, the real trick is to understand how the levels of acidity balance each bar with the other aromas that are present. Stay curious and spend some time with each of these bars, paying close attention to how their acidity plays into your final perception of each origin.

Includes: Kokoa Kamili, Tanzania - 70%, Zorzal Estate, Dominican Republic - 70%, Ambanja, Madagascar - 70%, Ben Tre, Vietnam - 70%, Anamalai, India - 70%


Just Two Ingredients

We make our chocolate bar with just two ingredients, beans and sugar. We travel to origin and select beans that can stand on their own. We source our vegan sugar from Brazil.

About Us

We make chocolate. Dandelion Chocolate sorts, roasts, cracks, winnows, grinds, conches, and tempers small batches of cocoa beans from around the equator. We visit farms and producers and build mutually-beneficial partnerships that help us source the best beans we can find. Our chocolate making style carefully coaxes the unique subtleties from each bean. We mold and wrap our bars by hand. And we continuously hone our skills to make craft chocolate from just two ingredients - cocoa beans and sugar.

We began making chocolate with a coffee roaster and a hair dryer in a friend’s garage in 2010. Our machines have evolved, yet our day-to-day remains the same: learning, measuring, testing, and creating. Batches of our single-origin chocolate take weeks, if not months, to develop.