Dandelion Chocolate sorts, roasts, cracks, winnows, grinds, conches, and tempers small batches of cocoa beans from around the equator. We visit farms and producers and build mutually-beneficial partnerships that help us source the best beans we can find. Our chocolate making style carefully coaxes the unique subtleties from each bean. We mold and wrap our bars by hand. And we continuously hone our skills to make craft chocolate from just two ingredients - cocoa beans and sugar.

We began making chocolate with a coffee roaster and a hair dryer in a friend’s garage in 2010. Our machines have evolved, yet our day-to-day remains the same: learning, measuring, testing, and creating. Batches of our single-origin chocolate take weeks, if not months, to develop.

Chocolatier vs. Chocolate Makers
Chocolatiers and confectioners work with ready-to-use chocolate to craft bars with nuts, fruit, or other other inclusions, or chocolate-dipped candies. We’re chocolate makers. We begin by selecting our own raw cocoa beans, and we have total control over their production. We are constantly experimenting with machines, processes, and flavor profiles that best reflect our style.


Our chocolate is just two ingredients: cocoa beans and sugar. That's it. We never add cocoa butter, soy lecithin, vanilla, favorings, or preservatives - all of which
are commonly used in chocolate making - because these ingredients mask the favor of our quality beans.

All of our chocolate is free of soy, dairy, eggs, and gluten, and it is made in
a factory that does not process nuts.

We create real relationships with farmers doing good work in countries like Belize,
Ecuador, Peru, Vietnam, and India. We import beans directly, and each bean is
inspected and sorted for quality and consistency.
All of our chocolate is 70%, 85%, or 100% cocoa, but high-quality chocolate
cannot be measured by percentage alone. In the United States, a product can
be labeled chocolate if it contains only 15% cocoa ingredients. USDA regulations
allow any cocoa product to contribute to its percentage, including added cocoa
butter, which isn’t as f;avorful as the whole cocoa bean. Percentages on Dandelion Chocolate products always refers only to the whole, flavorful bean.

Since our chocolate has only two ingredients, the quality of the sugar matters.
We buy organic sugar exclusively from the Native Green Cane Project, a
plantation outside of São Paolo, Brazil that helps preserve the land.
Many sugar operations burn their sugar fields to more easily separate the outer
leaves from the cane, depriving the soil of nutrients and polluting the air. Native
Green separates the leaves from the husk by hand and uses the leaves to mulch
the fields, helping to retain moisture and nutrients in the ground.
Unlike most commercial sugar, ours is never processed with bone char, making
it suitable for vegans.


Greg, our Bean Sourcerer, works directly with the producers who grow, ferment, and dry the cocoa beans we use. He travels to origin as frequently as possible to learn about our
producers’ best practices, to offer feedback, and to ensure quality. We pay a premium - far above the world market price - for beans with good favor that can be reliably reproduced. We maintain long-standing relationships with our partners so we can support the best and most distinctive cocoa beans available.

Our Annual Sourcing Report, a 50-page document that details all of our relationships with farms and producers, feld practices, and pricing, is always publicly available at