Made with Dandelion Chocolate, these confections are a collaboration with some of San Francisco's finest makers.
Dandelion Chocolate Hot Chocolate Mix -
Dandelion Chocolate

Hot Chocolate Mix

reusable Japanese vial with our signature hot chocolate mix

Feve Collaborator Chocolate-Covered Almonds

Chocolate-Covered Almonds

dark-roasted, caramelized almonds covered in chocolate

Sea Salt Caramels

Sea Salt Caramels

vanilla bean caramel with handpicked Fleur De Sel

Nuubia Gift Nuubia Origin Collection Box

Nuubia Origin Collection Box

eighteen single-origin ganache confections

NeoCocoa Collaborator Black Sesame Seed Toffee Brittle

Black Sesame Seed Toffee Brittle

black sesame, butter toffee, and salty chocolate

Nuubia Collaborator Hazelnut-Almond Caramel Bar

Hazelnut-Almond Caramel Bar

crispy hazelnuts and sea salt caramel

Le Dix-Sept Collaborator Nougat Chocolat -
Le Dix-Sept

Nougat Chocolat

enjoy as-is, or serve with Manchego or Stilton

Port of Mokha Collaborator Mokha Mocha Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans -
Port of Mokha

Mokha Mocha Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans

Yemani Udani beans in Camino Verde chocolate

Workhorse Rye Collaborator Salted Cacao Bitters -
Workhorse Rye

Salted Cacao Bitters

add to iced coffee, cocktails, baked goods, and marinades

Repurposed Pod Collaborator Cacao Pulp Juice -
Repurposed Pod

Cacao Pulp Juice

tangy, sweet, refreshing, and thirst-quenching

Workhorse Rye Collaborator Pumpkin Bitters -
Workhorse Rye

Pumpkin Bitters

warm spices, roasted cocoa, and five types of pumpkin

Workhorse Rye Collaborator Mesquite Bitters Employee
Workhorse Rye

Mesquite Bitters

smokey, rounded flavors ready for cocktails and baking

Dandelion Chocolate Gift 2019 Advent Calendar -
Dandelion Chocolate

2019 Advent Calendar

our annual holiday celebration of chocolate and art
$125 - Sold Out