Price $100.00 per guest

Online 204: Make Your Own Truffles Class

Beginner • 1.25 hours
Class size 12 guests / private Sugar & Caffeine Sugar & Caffeine Medium Sugar & Caffeine

Before booking this class please purchase the Set for "Online 204: Make Your Own Truffles", this will give you a code in order to sign up for this class for free.

This set is designed to be paired with our Online 204: Make Your Own Truffles Class. Whether you received the set as a gift or purchased it for yourself, we hope you will save enough chocolate chips (18 chips per batch) for your truffle-making experience.

This set includes the following:

  • Large chocolate chips
  • Ground chocolate
  • Cocoa nibs
  • Melon baller
  • Truffle recipe
  • Reference guide
  • Chocolate chip cookie recipe

After your class you will have ingredients leftover and our instructors will provide many suggestions on creative and fun truffle variations to try! We’ve also included one of our favorite recipes from our book, Making Chocolate, if you would like to use some of the chips to make cookies.

Upon purchase, you received sign-up information for booking your Make Your Own Truffles Class. If you have any questions, please contact us at

We look forward to hosting you soon for your truffle-making experience!

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