Pastries - Pickup Only

These items are baked to order and are available by pre-order for pickup at our 16th Street factory.  
We do not hold pastries overnight and we also do not offer refunds for these items.

Dandelion Chocolate Pies & Tarts Pear Tart
Dandelion Chocolate

Pear Tart

pears baked in pistachio frangipane with a 70% Camino Verde, Ecuador chocolate swirl, candied orange and currants

Dandelion Chocolate Pastry Gâteau Basque
Dandelion Chocolate

Gâteau Basque

traditional gâteau from France: buttery chocolate pastry crust filled with 70% Camino Verde pastry cream

Dandelion Chocolate Pastry Chocolate Caramel Celebration Cake (6 Inch)
Dandelion Chocolate

Chocolate Caramel Celebration Cake

three-layer devil’s food cake with chocolate caramel mousse and cocoa nibs