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Tropical Cacao Fruit Jam Trio

Dandelion Chocolate

These jams are especially made for us by welovejam here in the SF Bay Area using just fruit, sugar, and cacao fruit that we source from San Pedro Sula, Honduras (our same partners who provide the cocoa beans for our Wampu, Honduras single-origin chocolate). In this jam, we taste complex flavors of refreshing lychee, crisp apple, and dry champagne.

    Cacao fruit is naturally high in pectin and makes a sweet, citrusy jam (and by the way, it doesn’t taste at all like chocolate). On its own, the jam brings out the pure flavor of the tangy, tropical fruit. Paired with juicy pineapple and passionfruit, it's tangy and acidic in equal measure. These jams are our favorite on a cheese plate, alongside roast meats, and, of course, on toast or spooned into yogurt or ice cream.

    Inside a sturdy, reusable gift box designed for years of re-use, you’ll find three 9-ounce jars of small-batch jam in three flavors, including:

    • Cacao Fruit Jam
    • Cacao Fruit & Pineapple Jam
    • Cacao Fruit & Passion Fruit Jam

    Net weight: 27 OUNCES / 770 GRAMS

    Three 9-ounce jars

    Ingredients: cacao pulp, pineapple, passion fruit, cane sugar