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Maker and Baker Gift Set

For the cook, baker, or chocolate maker, this gift set contains many good reasons and resources for anyone who likes to tinker in the kitchen. This gift collection includes a copy of our book, Making Chocolate: From Bean to Bar to S’more, a bag of single-origin Chef’s Chocolate, and a bag of nutty, crunchy, single-origin roasted cocoa nibs.

Our 366-page hardcover book includes everything we've learned about making chocolate since the day we first cracked open a cocoa bean, plus delicious recipes to showcase the subtle flavor of craft chocolate. It’s a complete guide to making chocolate from scratch at home. You'll learn the simplest kitchen hacks, like winnowing with a hair dryer, and the complex science and mechanics behind making chocolate.

There are also 30 recipes in our book from pastry kitchen, and we include two of the essential ingredients for making them: a 350g bag of Costa Esmeraldas, Ecuador cocoa nibs, and a 500g bag of Kokoa Kamili, Tanzania Chef’s Chocolate—ground, untempered, single-origin chocolate that melts quickly into baked goods and beverages. Use both of these ingredients to make several recipes from the book, including European Drinking Chocolate, Chocolate Shortbread, and Red Velvet Beet Cake.