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Children's Gift Set

A child’s love of chocolate is one of the many things that inspire us to make the most wholesome, two-ingredient chocolate that we can. And this collection of books, treats, and natural toys feeds the sweet tooth, senses, and curiosity of some of the cutest little cocoa beans that come into our café.

This gift box contains two snacks: crunchy, caramelized, chocolate-covered almonds from Feve, and tangy, refreshing 100% cacao pulp juice made from the pulp of the cacao pod. Both are delicious and very popular with those who might like their chocolate on the sweeter side.

The two illustrated children's books are some of our favorites to explain the world of chocolate, and these are what we use to teach kids about chocolate at our family classes here at the Factory. Sweet Coco follows a chocolate maker through the bean-to-bar process until it reaches “confection perfection.” And No Monkeys, No Chocolate details the intricate animals and insects of the ecosystem that make chocolate possible. We love these titles and they’ve been on our shelves for many years.

This gift box also provides young chocolate lovers and their curious caregivers the rare opportunity to hold (and to shake!) a real dried cacao pod. Not only is this an engaging way to learn, but it makes a great maraca, too!