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Flavor Picks:
Bright and Expressive

Dandelion Chocolate

In this five-bar set, Karen, our long-time Flavor Manager, organizes a tasting experience with a newcomer’s curiosity in mind, handpicking the bars to explore how acidity plays into our final perception of a chocolate bar. While there are fruit call-outs in all of these bars, the real trick is understanding how the acidity levels balance with the other aromas.

If you are newer to two-ingredient, single-origin chocolate, our Flavor pick sets may just be the best place to start on your journey. Karen hand picked these set of bars to guide you through the complexity of flavors that can be found in our chocolate.

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Ingredients & allergens

All of our single-origin chocolate is made with just cocoa beans and sugar; no added cocoa butter, lecithin, or vanilla. Our chocolate is free of soy, dairy, eggs, and gluten, and it is made in a factory that does not process nuts.


10 ounces (280 g)

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Learn more about our cocoa beans and sugar – the region, the farms, and the producers.


Karen's Flavor Picks




I pulled this set together to showcase the way acidity plays into our final perception of a chocolate bar. Please do not misread this as being all about the fruit! While, yes, there are fruit call-outs in all of these bars, the real trick is to understand how the levels of acidity balance each bar with the other aromas that are present. It may seem like a daunting task, but I believe in you! Stay curious and spend some time with each of these bars, paying close attention to how their acidity plays into your final perception of each origin.

Happy tasting!


This Set Includes:

This five-bar Flavor Pick set is for those ready to go deeper, to explore an area of flavor that is not commonly acknowledged (outside of the world of craft chocolate, that is) as a place where chocolate can flourish! If you are newer to single-origin chocolate, our Rich & Complex Flavor Pick will definitely welcome you with creamy mouthfeels as well as caramel, spicy, and nutty tasting notes.



tasting notes:
honey, fresh peach, homemade fudge

When we hear the word “acidity” we often think of things like lemons or vinegar. However, the team at Kokoa Kamili are experts at turning out beans that uniquely balance acidity with innate sweetness. This is why you’ll find notes like honey and peach in this bar, two things that are touched by both sweetness and a hint of sour.



tasting notes:
key lime, cream, fudge

The lime present in this bar brings life and nuance to the dairy and chocolatey notes at the finish. This bar is a reflection of the dedication that Charles and his team have put into continually pursuing complex yet approachable cocoa that can be used for anything from a decadent stand-alone bar to baking chocolate.



tasting notes:
raspberry cheesecake, lemon zest

These beans are so fundamentally paradoxical to our western understanding of what chocolate should taste like! Ambanja is and always has been a divisive bar in our spread. Often people either love it or hate it. And to be honest, we’re okay with that! With its punchy acidity and creamy dairy notes, be prepared to ask yourself, “Is this even chocolate?”



tasting notes:
candied ginger, molasses, apple cider

When we tasted the sample of Bến Tre beans that Marou sent to us, we were greeted by a chocolatey spice bomb. When we began processing at scale we also found a fair bit of acidity underlining much of what we tasted. We worked to find a compelling way for the acidity and spice to work in tandem. This bar triggers happy memories of cold seasons and warm beverages and has quickly become one of my go-to bars when I need a dose of refined nostalgia.



tasting notes:
mimosa, pot de crème

When we are discussing acidity in chocolate we often lean on the acetic acids that highlight fruits, but another important byproduct of fermentation is lactic acid. Lactic acid can give you the perception of milk where there is none, or a creamy mouthfeel associated with the whipped cream on top of your hot chocolate. Anamalai marries these two acids in a way that just feels right.

Our Chocolate Philosophy

Bean to Bar in San Francisco

We’re Dandelion Chocolate, a bean-to-bar chocolate maker in San Francisco’s Mission District. For over 10 years, we’ve been turning cocoa beans and organic sugar into pure dark chocolate. We travel and build lasting relationships with cocoa farmers and producers, then craft small batches of chocolate back home in our factory. With our minimal approach, we aim to highlight different beans’ distinctive flavor notes—from classic fudge to tangy fruit.


Beans and sugar.
That's all.

Our chocolate bars are just two ingredients: cocoa beans and organic sugar. We never add cocoa butter, soy lecithin, vanilla, flavorings, or preservatives because those ingredients mask the inherent flavors in beans.


Good cocoa starts
with good relationships.

Good relationships are absolutely essential to procuring consistently good flavor. We work closely with the producers who grow, ferment, and dry the single-origin cocoa beans we source, so we can share this amazing cocoa.


Online classes. Doorstep shipping.
SF stores and local delivery.

We hope someday you'll join us at our San Francisco factory for a toasty s'more while watching chocolate makers craft beans into chocolate. In the meanwhile, we'll ship bars and truffles to your doorstep, host you for a virtual chocolate class, or answer (chocolate!) questions you might have via phone or email.