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201: Making

Intermediate • 4 hours
Class size 8 guests / class Hands-on Hands-on Sugar & Caffeine Sugar & Caffeine Sugar & Caffeine High Sugar & Caffeine

This intensive course of study will give you the hands-on opportunity to make your own small batch of rustic chocolate and cocoa nibs. This class does not cover the large scale machinery used in our 16th Street Factory (this is explored in our 16th Street Factory Tour—recommended, but not a prerequisite), but instead uses small-scale R&D equipment. In this four-hour intensive, attendees will dive into our techniques for flavor development and production. We’ll begin by tasting a variety of our roasted nibs, then work in pairs to formulate a single-origin or blended dark chocolate. From there, we’ll go back to the beginning to walk you through the process of turning raw beans into roasted nibs. You’ll leave with a bag of nibs, as well as about a pound of finished, untempered chocolate that’s great for nibbling or baking. Guests aged 14 and over are welcome if accompanied by an adult.

Location 2600 16th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
Dairy (Dairy-free is available if requested during booking)

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