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Feve Collaborator Chocolate-Covered Quartet

Chocolate-Covered Quartet

caramelized almonds, hazelnuts, nibs, and espresso beans layered in chocolate

Dandelion Chocolate Gift Chocolate Baking Essentials
Dandelion Chocolate

Chocolate Baking Essentials

a selection for the baking enthusiast

Dandelion Chocolate Experience Cacao Farm Story Time
Dandelion Chocolate

Cacao Farm Story Time (Ages 6-10)

45 minutes
a fun, interactive, and educational journey through the cacao farm by way of the book No Monkeys, No Chocolate
Dandelion Chocolate Experience Origin Stories
Dandelion Chocolate

Origin Stories

2 hours
one origin with six chocolate bars from six chocolate makers, plus an online talk with the cocoa producer and chocolate makers
Dandelion Chocolate Experience Chocolate Experiences Gift Cards
Dandelion Chocolate

Experiences Gift Cards

Give factory tours and classes in SF